Marcia Stein Textile Art: About the Artist




Artist's Statement

I have had a lifelong interest in the needle arts, and I love the tactile nature of quilting. Like many quilters before me, I began by taking classes to learn standard methods and traditional patterns before moving on to designs of my own creation.

Gypsy Legs photo
Gypsy Legs quilt  

While I still enjoy using the geometric shapes of traditional quiltmaking and the more free-form techniques of contemporary quilt art, my current work focuses on storytelling through appliqué, and for this I call upon my interest in photography.

I enjoy seeking out photographic subjects with an eye toward their successful translation into fabric. I like to portray a scene in a representational way yet with a whimsical quality that makes the work smile back at me as I recall the moment I caught the image on film. My current series is based on photographs I took in Santa Fe, Italy, England, and the South of France.

Gone for a Walk photo
Gone for a Walk quilt  

I am most satisfied with a piece when my enthusiasm for the subject shows through. I want to evoke a sense of place for the viewers, who are nonetheless free to imagine their own stories behind the quilt. I want the work to smile back at them the way it smiles back at me.


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